Praise for Page by Paige!

“This post was BEAUTIFUL.”
Jodi Picoult  |  International bestselling author of My Sisters Keeper
(on Keeping Magic Alive in “Off The Page”)

“I am extremely impressed by the polished look of your blog and your awesome attention to detail. Honoured to be included.”
Susane Colasanti  |  Bestselling author of When It Happens
(on Page by Paige)

“A wonderful interview! Your blog is amaze.”
– Susane Colasanti  |  Bestselling author of When It Happens
(on Exclusive interview with bestselling YA fiction writer, Susane Colasanti)

“Amazing review and insight … love the way you loved this story!”
– J. Sterling  |  New York Times bestselling author of The Perfect Game
(on Finding Love in “Breaking Stars”)

“This. Review…… this is everything and I’m so honored. Thank you for writing it.”
– J. Sterling  |  New York Times bestselling author of The Perfect Game
(on J. Sterling’s newest novel “Behind the Plate” is a powerful story for young girls)

“A must read and beautiful review.”
Sandi Lynn  |  New York Times, USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author of Forever Black
(on Fall in love with Sandi Lynn’s “She Writes Love”)

“A great idea for a book blog and something that will start some interesting conversations.”
– Gayle Forman  |  Award-winning, international bestselling author of If I Stay
(on Page by Paige)

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing such a lovely, heartfelt, thoughtful review.”
Robyn Schneider  |  Bestselling author of The Beginning of Everything
(on “Extraordinary Means” by Robyn Schneider: A story with a message that helps heal a broken heart)

“What an amazing review, Paige, thank you so much.”
Lisa Jewell  |  #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of Then She Was Gone 
(on “The Family Upstairs”: Lisa Jewell’s twisted horror with a powerful message)

“Thank you Paige for this lovely review.”
Tara Conklin  |  New York Times bestselling author of The House Girl
(on Our everyday choices about who and how to love are what matters in Tara Conklin’s “The Last Romantics”)

“Thank you Paige, what a beautiful thoughtful review – I’m glad you found my book!… I love a review that mentions the first law of thermodynamics!”
Rowan Coleman  |  Sunday Times bestselling author of The Vanished Bride
(on What it means to be really alive in Rowan Coleman’s “We Are All Made Of Stars”)

“I adore this review, and not just because it’s a positive one, but because somewhere out there a wonderful person read the story and understood exactly what it was that took me a whole year to try to say.”
Melanie Hudson | Award winning, bestselling author of historical fiction
(on Melanie Hudson’s “The Night Train to Berlin” shows us that it pays to have a little faith)

“What a wonderful review. So grateful… Thank you, a million times over.”
Melanie Hudson | Award winning, bestselling author of historical fiction
(on Melanie Hudson’s message about love in “The Last Letter from Juliet”)

“Thanks, Paige. Delighted to see such a deep dive into the themes of the book.”
Chris Brookmyre |  Britain’s leading crime author of award winning novel, Black Widow
(on “Fallen Angel” by Chris Brookmyre: Lies, secrets and conspiracy theories)

“Thank you so much for this great review.”
Steve Cavanagh |  International bestselling, award-winning author of the Eddie Flynn novels
(on People believe what they can see in Steve Cavanagh’s “The Plea”)

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