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Hi! I’m Paige Beresford. A journalism multimedia reporter captivated by the magic in storytelling and books, I spend as much time as I can with books when I’m not with newspapers. I love reading – always have, probably always will – but not just the most prominent or the newest releases. I’m drawn to books that have a deeper, inner message that don’t always come to surface with a first glance. The kind that make you feel like there’s a final hidden piece that you just have to find to get the whole experience.

I wanted a place to go to find these messages in all kinds of books, varying on genre, length, and audience, but came up empty. That’s when I decided I’d create that place, not just for me, but for everyone else who craves that kind of fulfilment from a good novel.

Being a journalist, of course I have to work in a news element. I’m interested in bringing the newest books, stories and interviews from all kinds of authors to readers like myself, and to bring with that news a discovery of the deeper messages contained within them, too.

On this site you’ll also find exclusive interviews with amazing authors who have very kindly talked to me about their books, their messages, and their inspirations.

Other than writing about books and interviewing authors, I work for BBC Sport Scotland as a back up producer for their love radio shows including Sportsound and Off the Ball as well as their online content.

I’m also a Online Multimedia Journalist for The Scottish Sun, writing news and showbiz stories and reading their news and showbiz radio bulletins.

I have also previously had bylines on The Herald, Glasgow Times and STV, covering news, sports and arts content.

As well as creating this site, I also created my own magazine called Etcetera, which focused on the idea that every ordinary person had an extraordinary story. I wrote all the stories in it, designed it and had it printed and published.

You can see a list of all my published articles here.

I love feedback and I try to make my site as user friendly as possible, so feel free to email me on the address on the bottom of the screen with any questions, concerns, feedback or anything else, or leave comments and I will be sure to get back to you.


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