Natasha Preston reveals the cover of her next young adult thriller novel “The Lake”

New York Times Bestselling author Natasha Preston reveals the cover of her next young adult thriller novel.

The Lake is the highly anticipated new book from the author of The Cellar, and is described as a suspenseful read about a summer camp filled with dark secrets.

Esme and Kayla once were campers at Camp Pine Lake. They’re excited to be back this year as CITs (counselors in training). Esme loves the little girls in her cabin and thinks it’s funny how scared they are of everything—spiders, the surly head counselor, the dark, boys… even swimming in the lake! It reminds her a little of how she and Kayla used to be, once. Before… it happened.

Because Esme and Kayla did something bad when they were campers. Afterwards, the girls agreed to keep it secret. They’ve moved on—or so they say—and this summer is going to be great. Two months of sun, s’mores, and flirting with the cute boy counselors. But then they get a note. THE LAKE NEVER FORGETS. And the secret they’ve kept buried for so many years is about to resurface.


The Lake is due to be released on March 2nd, 2021, and you now can pre-order your copy of this emotionally charged book — you don’t want to miss it.

Preston shared the news on her website and has been keeping her fans updated using her subscription list. In an email she told her readers:

“I have some super exciting things for you. I can now reveal The Lake’s cover. EEEK! I absolutely love it, and I hope you do too.”

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