True love told by Katie McGarry

Young Adult fiction writer, Katie McGarry, has been giving us novels that are full with love, hope and dreams; the characters fighting for each other and for the future they only dreamed of having. She teaches us that anything is possible, and that when you have someone with you, supporting and encouraging you, we can see the magic that turn the impossible into the possible. Mostly, she teaches us that when we love someone it’s not always easy, but that that’s the point – what’s worth having doesn’t come easy, and true love is like that, and it must be fought for. Because once you have it, it can never be replaced.

In a recent interview with McGarry she speaks about true love, her own experiences and the importance of loving someone through the hardships that life can throw at you. I mean that’s the point isn’t it? Getting through the hard parts with someone because you love each other?


It is clear to see in her stories that McGarry does believe in true love, but she tells us that she also believes that it requires a lot of effort, and work, to make it last. She tells us:

“Do I believe in true love?
Yes. I also believe that true love takes work.” – Katie McGarry

From the way her stories are written, it can be perceived that the love she writes about reflects the love she shares with her husband. She goes on to say that she loves her husband with all of her heart, that they always knew they wanted to be together. She says:

“I am one million percent in love with my husband. True love at it’s best. The moment I met him, I knew there was something special between us and I was right. Within a few months, we knew we would spend the rest of our lives together.
I love him. More than I could ever explain. There are no words to express the love I have for him.” – Katie McGarry

But she also tells us about how even though they are so in love and happy, marriage and love isn’t easy and they still have to work through their fair share of problems. But that’s what it means to share yourself in this way with someone: you need to be prepared to have the fights and fallouts, but also be prepared to get through them. She says:

“Marriage and true love isn’t easy. We have had lots of rough passages and that’s just life. If you were to read the story of my life, you would see that it’s a segment of short stories. Each begins with the two of us together, we then face a huge problem/conflict, I consider smothering him with a pillow, he refuses to talk to me and then we figure out each other and the problem. Happy ending occurs…until the next rough stage.” – Katie McGarry

McGarry goes on to explain that although you will have rough and hard times, the point is that you always need to work it out. That’s what makes the hard times worth it, because you always come out stronger in the end. And that’s the point – to find someone that will work and fight through the hard times with you, who will fight for what you have, because that’s what true love is – finding someone who loves you even when you’re not easy to love. She tells us:

“My husband and I though–we love each other and we will always work it out. Some tough situations take longer than others. We’ve been together for 20 years. I love him more now than the day I married him, but we still have to work on our relationship. That’s what true love is. Loving each other not when it is easy to love, but loving each other when it is tough to love.” – Katie McGarry

Not only does McGarry talk about true love, but she also talks about her new YA fiction novel, Walk The Edge.

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 20.17.17

McGarry gives readers the chance to chance to appear in her next Thunder Road novel and win an exclusive short story from her previous series, Pushing The Limits, characters Noah and Echo by pre-ordering Walk The Edge and registering with her to receive the offer.

“I’m also very excited for you to read Razor’s story! Exciting news! If you preorder Walk the Edge and register it here you will receive an exclusive short story from Echo and Noah. You will also have the chance to appear in the next Thunder Road novel.” – Katie McGarry

The writer also offers some advice to aspiring writers who are trying to get their name out there and get published. She offers:

“Advice for aspiring writers: read a lot, write a lot, study the craft of writing. My favourite craft book is John Truby‘s Anatomy of a Story. My favourite online writing classes are by Margie Lawson.” – Katie McGarry

She also gives advice on a more personal note, about the hardships of getting published and making sure you find your own happy place that can help you find your inner peace when your writing career becomes difficult. She says:

“On a personal note–writing is hard and it is personal. Publishing can be a tough and brutal industry. I suggest finding your happy place early on and I don’t suggest that your happy place be caught up in the success in being published. Writing is often my happy place, but sometimes it’s also a source of frustration. I’m suggesting that any aspiring writer makes sure that they find inner peace in something other than writing before your book gets published.
Whether that be through finding happiness and peace through your internal self confidence or through family, friends or by petting your dog.” – Katie McGarry

To read more interviews with Katie McGarry as she talks about her books click here.

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