J. Sterling talks about “The Perfect Game”, forgiveness and soulmates

Contemporary and romance writer, J. Sterling, has been giving us heart-warming and heart breaking stories that teach us about the meaning of true love and always having hope no matter how dire the circumstances. She shows us that our lives amount to more than just what we do to earn money; that’s is who we have in our lives that matter – the family we create, the friends we have, the person we love.

One of the New York Times Bestselling author’s more popular reads is her The Perfect Game series, where we follow the lives of heart-throb, baseball playing Jack Carter and aspiring photographer, Cassie Andrews, who fall in love along the way, despite their differences, in turning their biggest dreams into realities.

the perfect gane

These two characters go through hell and back together before they finally get their happily ever after. In The Perfect Game, Jack sleeps with another woman whilst he’s away playing a baseball tournament. Cassie is heartbroken, and after the consequences that Jack goes through after it, he manages to prove to Cassie how much he loves her and how sorry he is, and Cassie forgives him. In the end, they manage to move past it and have their happily ever after.

In a wide ranging interview with Sterling, we asked her that if she was Cassie, would she still have chosen to be with Jack despite what had happened? She told us:

“Um, that is a hard question because I like to think that fictional Jack was truly sorry. He did the wrong things for all the right reasons. He was trying to be noble. But I never questioned his love for Cassie and I do believe that he proved to her how sorry he was, and that he’d never let anything come between them again.” – J. Sterling

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She went on to say that some people deserve to be forgiven, but it’s finding those people who are worth forgiving that’s the difficult part. She says:

“So would I have forgiven Jack? If he was anything like fictional Jack, then probably yes. But if he was more like a real guy- it would depend. I’m not above forgiveness when someone deserves it. We all make mistakes. We all do things we aren’t proud of. Some people deserve second chances- it’s figuring the ones who are worth it and those who aren’t.” – J. Sterling

In The Perfect Game, Jack makes it his mission to prove to Cassie how sorry he is and how much he loves her. He goes to the greatest of lengths to show her how much he means to her, how apologetic he is. It’s a universal thought that there isn’t a lot of people who would love someone that much that they would grovel for their forgiveness. When asked about this, Sterling told us that she’d like to believe that there are some people out there who are willing to do that for the person they love. She told us:

“There was a real Jack Carter, but real life Jack was nowhere near as good as fictional Jack (you know what I mean- cause fictional Jack was still a loveable screw-up). I honestly don’t know if there are guys out there who are that devoted, that willing to grovel, make grand gestures and right their wrongs no matter what… but I’d like to believe that there are. There has to be, right? I mean, every male on planet Earth can’t totally suck.” – J. Sterling

Sterling goes on to explain that this is possibly the reason to why she writes about guys like this – guys who would do anything for the person they love – because she believes that there are guys out there that are like this, we just have to find them. She says:

“Maybe that’s why I write these kinds of guys… because somewhere deep inside, I believe there are good ones out there- ones who are worthy of our love and devotion- ones who would move heaven and earth to be with us, no matter the obstacles. I have to believe in that, or what’s the point, you know?” – J. Sterling

In her stories, her characters that fall in love appear to be true soulmates for each other – the kind of love we all wish to have in our lives. They fit so perfectly, so completely, that it would never even be considered that there could be another person out there for them. When asked if she believes in soulmates herself, Sterling told us that she does, in various kinds and in various levels of connection. She told us:

“Yes, I believe in soulmates (various kinds, best friends, family members, lovers). Very much so. I think they romantic ones are hard to find, but they absolutely exist (I also believe in various levels of connection). Our bonds with certain people, those ties you can’t always explain- you recognise it instantly when it happens because it’s so rare, the pull so strong. You know?” – J. Sterling

To read more interviews with J. Sterling as she talks about her books click here, and to read more about her Perfect Game series and her newest edition to the group, The Other Game, click here.


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